13 июля 2011. Новосибирск

A safe summer

Enforta gives children’s health camps a direct line to the Ministry of Emergencies.
At the beginning of June many Tula Region health facilities opened their doors to a huge stream of children of all ages. The region’s more than 21 children’s camps in the countryside, as well as ten health spa camps, host around 15,000 Tula youngsters each year. Enforta helped provide safe conditions for the children.
“A direct line to the Ministry of Emergencies is a requirement that enables children to be safe in public places,” says Vladimir Serdyukov, commercial director of Enforta’s branch office in Tula. “At the beginning of the summer this situation became especially urgent for children’s health facilities in the countryside. Enforta, which has experience with this kind of project, as well as positive recommendations from the city’s healthcare and educational organizations where these services have been instituted, has become virtually irreplaceable as the operator that can handle this task.”
To date so-called hot lines connecting a health facility to fire department dispatchers have been installed at over ten locations. The remainder of the region’s service points will be connected in the future.


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