26 июня 2011. Новосибирск

Enforta arrives in Chita

The nationwide professional communications services provider Enforta is continuing to expand its geographic reach into new regions, opening a branch office in Chita.
The history of Chita is rich and interesting. It was founded in 1653 by the cossack Peter Beketov as the Chita Stockade. The city traversed a long road from being little more than a place where state criminals were exiled, to its status as the main regional administrative, industrial, scientific, and cultural center of the Eastern Transbaikal area.
The office has had its long-awaited official opening: a ceremonial ribbon-cutting with balloons, and happily smiling guests and employees, marked the beginning of work and the first step toward success. The opening ceremony began with an inspirational message and wishes for success from the director of Enforta’s Far East Regional Center, Sergei Volokhin. The employees of the Chita office pledged their loyalty to Enforta, followed by a briefing to the company’s employees and guests by Sergei Volokhin on Enforta’s history, development, products, achievements, and plans.
“We are pleased to offer all enterprises and organizations in Chita the full spectrum of communications services needed for running a business efficiently: high-speed Internet access and telephone installation in their offices, multichannel numbers, and zonal, interurban, and international communications; also, multiservice private corporate networks (IP VPN),” says the commercial director of Enforta’s Chita branch, Alexei Samoylov.
All Enforta solutions are offered on a turnkey basis, which is quick, economical, and convenient for the customer, with a single provider and on a single account. Enforta’s product portfolio includes offerings for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as large ones (including those with branches in different cities), government organizations, the financial sector, communications operators, business centers, and new housing developments. Enforta develops specialized basic products and solutions for each segment, and guarantees an individualized approach and attention to each customer. Enforta’s user support service is available 24 hours a day to address customer inquiries promptly. Customers can track all payments, resource utilization, and traffic online through their personal office on the company website. Customers moving to a new office or opening a new location can easily take their Internet and telephone service with them; Enforta will install the equipment at the new address.
“It should be noted that Enforta assumes responsibility for uninterrupted and stable telecommunications functioning, regardless of network load. We guarantee restoration of service within four hours after an interruption, no matter what the cause,” Alexei Samoylov continues. “After all, nobody is immune from downtime, but the important thing is to get back into operation quickly.”
Enforta provides comprehensive telecommunications support to almost 40,000 businesses across Russia. For small and medium-sized businesses, Enforta offers turnkey organization of office communications. For nationwide customers with an extensive regional organization, Enforta can provide a unified corporate network with the quality of communications and level of service they expect, in all Russian cities where Enforta has a presence.




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